Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Is “Mental Health” Making Things Worse?

Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you; but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder. Henry David Thoreau   Within my media silo, there has been quite a bit of news recently about the mental health crisis amongst adolescent girls in...[ read more ]

Do I Have ADHD?

This month, within the space of two days, three clients asked me whether I think they have ADHD. All of these clients had some symptoms that might be indicative of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. All of these symptoms, on the other hand, could be signs of something else. All three were prompted to talk to me due to recent news they...[ read more ]

Post-Human Thinking: ChatGPT and the Last Man

Write a blog post in the style of justin hendriks psychology on ai and psychology: "The Intersection of AI and Psychology: Understanding the Impact on Human Behavior" Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we live and interact with technology. From virtual personal assistants to self-driving cars, AI is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives. As AI continues to...[ read more ]

Back for 2023, and Best of 2022

After a prolonged absence, the blog is back! I got busy/lazy at the end of last year. And I took a (much needed) longer-than-usual break this summer. Thus, the gap. Apologies to all of you (any of you?) who like your dose of fortnightly blog. And, to rub salt into your wounds, I’m copping out on my return by making...[ read more ]

Mental Health Days, School Refusal, and Coping with Stress: Part III

See Part I and Part II of this series for a background to this article.   Year 10 Student, Martin* attended treatment for a school refusal problem. He was anxious about school and coped by avoiding all reminders of school. Year 11 Student, Mary*, attended treatment for sleep loss, strong emotions, and panic symptoms. She was anxious about school and...[ read more ]

Mental Health Days, School Refusal, and Coping with Stress: Part II

See Part I of this series here.   Year 10 Student, Martin’s* parents were shocked to discover that their son had missed almost half of his classes in the current term. Along with these missed days, Martin had not submitted any major assessments. Year 11 Student, Mary*, had missed no school days in the current year. However, Mary had been...[ read more ]

Mental Health Days, School Refusal, and Coping with Stress: Part I

Martin’s* parents were called by his Year Ten Coordinator to discuss his ongoing absences from class and his assessment non-admittance. Martin’s parents were shocked to discover that the problem was even bigger than they’d thought.    Mary*, Year 11 student has been attending weekly psychology sessions in the lead up to starting the HSC. Her grades were outstanding as was...[ read more ]

Focus on Patterns, not on Events

Pattern: a particular way in which something usually happens or is done Event: a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance   Patterns People often see me to get their life in order. My first assumption about a new client walking through my door is that some aspect of their life is not being lived well. Anyone would assume the same...[ read more ]

Toxic Security: Feeling Safe vs Being Safe

Feeling Full In 2016 premier medical journal, the Lancet, reported that obesity had become a bigger global problem than malnutrition. There are now more obese people than underfed people. Hunger, the great scourge of humankind, is on its way out. Malnutrition has been a problem for humans for as long as humans have existed. Malnutrition is still a problem now,...[ read more ]

The PLAY System: Experimentation, Joy and Preparation for a Social Life

This article is the seventh and final in my series in my series on the late Dr Jaak Panksepp’s model of the neurological origins of human and animal emotions. Follow these links or earlier articles on the CARE, FEAR, RAGE, SEEKING , LUST and GRIEF Systems.   Children of this age (age 6) have games which come by natural instinct;...[ read more ]

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