Thinking Traps Part IV: Catastrophising

“My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened”  – Michel de Montaigne Imagine you have a superpower – the ability to see calamities before they occur. You wake in the morning and you see that your boss will call you into her office to discuss your poor performance. You go out to a movie with...[ read more ]

Be Antifragile not Resilient

  What does not kill me makes me stronger – Friedrich Nietzsche In case you haven’t heard, resilience is one of the great psychological buzzwords of the day. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. My clients often tell me that their schools and workplaces champion the idea of psychological resilience. Isn’t it great that institutions are concerned...[ read more ]

Little World / Big World

Your mind on Imagination Researchers at the University of Boulder, Colorado recently taught 68 people to fear a harmless bell. They did this by repeatedly pairing the sound of the bell with an electric shock(!). They then placed these people into a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) machine which maps brain activity. They then played the bell to some of...[ read more ]

Future Shock: How to regain control of digital over-use

Mary is the affable and kindly single mother of Jayden (14), an only child, who suffers from social phobia. Mary: “He’s just so rude when I ask him to come to the dinner table or clean his room. The anger! He spends all night gaming with his friends, which I suppose is good because he is socialising. I just wish...[ read more ]

The Experience Machine: Choosing to digitally opt out

Super-advanced neuropsychologists approach you with an offer. Continue to live your life with its pleasures, pains, doubts, anxieties, hopes etc., or, enter the “Experience Machine”. The Experience Machine is a terrifically advanced computer that hooks up to your brain and allows you to live your life the manner you wish. Want to live as a celebrity? The Machine can make...[ read more ]


Hi! Welcome to the Justin Hendriks Psychology blog. I’m a clinical psychologist who has a practice in Maroubra Junction, Sydney, Australia. This blog is written by me (Justin) on topics that interest me and that I think will interest my clients and readers who like to think about the mind and how to best live life. Given that I’m a...[ read more ]

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